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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2514 – The Pride of Ants! bridge marked
It had been Ye Yuan’s newbie showing the Universe Sword Growth looking at everyone. But every person could show this transfer merged together four fantastic regulations!
His heart shook extremely. It had been really his newbie experiencing this type of powerless combat.
Just an inch quick!
And also the recent him did actually have crawled away from a swimming pool of our blood, supposedly wretched to your excessive from top to bottom.
But Ye Yuan found out that his sword equipment and lighting bought a bit closer to the azure-robed younger years!
Ye Yuan could not hold up against it, sickness substantial mouthfuls of blood vessels once more.
Chi! Chi! Chi!
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Plenty of sword light-weight flashed, changing into streaks of spectrum, steering instantly for that blue colored-robed youth.
Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh
However, his gaze was unprecedentedly strong.
Lost all believe!
“True Dragon Serious Armor!”
Those powerhouses a long way away had been collectively provided speechless.
This was the power of one finger!
This finger was excessively sturdy!
Even so, this poke could poke an opening on the atmosphere!
People powerhouses far off ended up collectively rendered speechless.
The chaos divine substance within his body gushed out, urging the sword formation frenziedly without heed for his living.
“True Dragon Significant Armour!”
The sword lights that covered the atmosphere could not have it anymore and collapsed with a noisy bang.
It was subsequently still a single finger!
All of a sudden, the sword lamps that taken care of the atmosphere vanished without any track!
Even so, the azure-robed youth was without the aim of retaliating.
“I … Are my vision faltering me?”
The effect until this landscape delivered to them was seriously way too strong.
Ye Yuan’s students constricted. His divine perception was actually incapable of locking mechanism on top of the azure-robed younger years.
“Not undesirable. Developing a universe using a sword creation, it has quite the effects of Fantastic Dao. This relocate is not really awful.”
On the other hand, his gaze was unprecedentedly agency.
Even when there seemed to be the actual Dragon Unique Armor coupled with a wonderful Nine Transformations Wonderful System, forcefully getting this finger, he almost passed away!
Suddenly, the sword signals that taken care of the atmosphere faded without using a locate!

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